Hey, been trying to meet you.

I’m a creative director with a design background living in Detroit, MI. Equal parts creative and Type A personality, I thrive on conceptual projects, have an obsession with Microsoft Excel, and love thinking about the big picture.

My leadership philosophy in a nutshell:

  • People are more important than projects.

  • Collaboration yields better results than competition.

  • There’s strength in admitting frankly when you don’t know something (but you should follow it up by trying your darnedest to find the answer!).

  • Being a leader doesn’t mean you’re always the one talking.
    More often than not, it means shutting up and allowing other people to talk.

  • Self-awareness is crucial. Know what you’re good at and more importantly, what you’re bad at.

  • Hire people who are good at what you’re bad at, then step back and let them use their talents on the job.

  • Your actions and behavior make you a leader,
    not your title. 

  • Be kind — to your team, your colleagues, and yourself. Lead with empathy.

I served as President of the AIGA Detroit Chapter from 2011-2013 and presented at national AIGA leadership conferences in Minneapolis and in Salt Lake City. In 2012 I also presented at the Re:design conference in Chicago, IL. That year I traveled to Cannes, France to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as the inaugural recipient of the "I Am MRM" award.

Email: colleenmavis@gmail.com


Outside of work I like:

  • Taking pottery classes

  • Traveling to new places

  • Listening to podcasts

  • Cooking vegetarian food

  • Sipping Malbec and Belgian beer

  • Organizing and color coding things

  • Spending time with my boyfriend, dog and cats