Girls' Fast Track Races

For decades the Pinewood Derby has been hugely popular with the Boy Scouts and a great, hands-on way to get boys interested in STEM related fields. The only problem: girls haven’t been allowed to participate. Ford saw this unique opportunity as a fun and educational experience that should be open to all children, which is why we created our own race. A tournament for girls in collaboration with the Girl Scouts to fuel eager-minds and compete their hearts out.

Associate Creative Director: Colleen Hill / Writer: Jen Neff & Lauren Crane / Art Director: Rani Lee / Creative Director: Anita Salomon 

The Today Show

A final race was hosted live on the Today Show with 4 girls from around the country. Each of the racers received a $5,000 scholarship to continue their education.

TV commercial that ran adjacent to the Girls' Fast Track Race segment on the Today Show.

Tips and tricks 

Fun, tutorial style videos were made leading up to the regional races to help girls build and design their cars. Each video focused on a different STEAM subject.

Weight Distribution



Photos from our races around the country

Event website 

The website hosted information about the regional races, photos from past races, and tips & tricks videos. 

StartUp Podcast Sponsorship

Played a pivotal role in Ford taking the leap into this new type of advertising including concept development and oversight of topics, stories and people featured in the ads. Work consisted of editorial style spots featuring untold or little known stories within Ford Motor Company. Additionally designed and maintained the accompanying website which housed supporting content for the featured spots. The ads received considerable response from listeners as well as the media including: The New York Times, Ad Age, Adweek and The Atlantic.

Associate Creative Directors: Colleen Hill & Tara Bossardet / Writer: Kristin Wellmer / Creative Director: Anita Salomon 

Details by Design 

A series of digital videos and podcast ads that tell the stories behind the countless decisions that go into every Ford car, each made with one thing in mind: how it will make you feel.

As part of the campaign we collaborated with Upworthy to create a video and article telling the story of Ford engineer David Hatton, lead engineer of SYNC 911 Assist. 

Art Director: Colleen Hill
Writer: Kristin Wellmer
Creative Directors: Chris Walton & Doug James

Upworthy collaboration

As part of the campaign we collaborated with Upworthy to create a video and article telling the story of Ford engineer David Hatton, lead engineer of SYNC 911 Assist. 

Dramatic Entrances 

A series of YouTube Pre-roll spots to introduce the stunning design of the Ford Fusion.

Art Director: Colleen Hill
Writer: Lana Goodrich
Creative Directors: Julio Desir & Tony Wolski

Car Stories

Series of short, fun animations that tell the stories of life in and around cars from everyday people.

Art Director: Colleen Hill / Writer: Jenna Przybycien / Creative Director: Anita Salomon 

Spark EV

Series of short, feature focused videos created for the Spark EV page on Units were housed in an interactive player that allowed users to find a charging station near them.

Art Direction: Colleen Hill / Writer: Jordan Miller 

Chevrolet Website Photos

Art direction of images for the 2014 North America launch of the Chevrolet SS and the mid cycle enhancement on the 2014 Camaro. Images used on and in the SS and Camaro catalogs.

Ford + StoryCorps Partnership

Collaboration with StoryCorps to interview incoming college freshman's parents the moment they dropped of their kids on campus. One powerful and shareable quote was extracted from each story and illustrated by Teagan White to utilize for banners and social media.

Art Director: Colleen Hill / Writer: Jenna Przybycien / Creative Director: Anita Salomon / Illustrator: Teagan White

Washtenaw Community College photography

Developed concepts, designed props, arranged talent, and art directed the weekly rotating photos on the college’s homepage relating to featured news stories.