Cadillac XT4

When Cadillac conceived the XT4, they gathered the youngest team of designers ever assembled at General Motors. The overriding brief was, “Go design a crossover that you would like to buy.” For the launch of the vehicle, we invited those same designers to tell their story in a series of videos and emails that were sent to hand raisers who expressed interest in learning more about the XT4.

CD: Colleen Hill / ACD: Darren Cutlip / ACD: Michelle Haska / Sr. AD: Andrew Kozinski / CW: Travis Grand / GCD: Chris Bissonnette

CRM Emails

A :20s cut of each video that was embedded at the top of the email with a CTA to watch the full cut. Emails covered topics corresponding with each video — Meet the Designers, Exterior + Performance, and Interior.