#BestFriendDay and #NationalDogDay 

Ford celebrated canines in a big way in 2015. On National Best Friend Day we created a video about rewarding our doggy best friends with something they really love: car rides. Then we teamed up with a local dog trainer to create a video full of tips and hacks for traveling with your dog. Next we invited adoptable and dogs to review the 2016 Ford Fusion. We geo-targeted these pups' reviews within the region they were from to help them find forever homes. We rounded out the day with two fun Buzzfeed lists: If Dog Breeds Were Backseat Drivers and 15 Questions to Ask Your Dog on Your Next Road Trip.

Art Direction: Colleen Hill  / Copy Writer: Jenna Przybycien / Associate Creative Director: Adam Burkett / Creative Director: Anita Salomon