Girls' Fast Track Races

For decades the Pinewood Derby has been hugely popular with the Boy Scouts and a great, hands-on way to get boys interested in STEM related fields. The only problem: girls haven’t been allowed to participate. Ford saw this unique opportunity as an a fun and educational experience that should be open to all children, which is why we created our own race. A tournament for girls in collaboration with the Girl Scouts to fuel eager-minds and compete their hearts out.

Associate Creative Director: Colleen Hill / Writer: Jen Neff & Lauren Crane / Art Director: Rani Lee / Creative Director: Anita Salomon 

StartUp Podcast Sponsorship

Played a pivotal role in Ford taking the leap into this new type of advertising including concept development and oversight of topics, stories and people featured in the ads. Work consisted of editorial style spots featuring untold or little known stories within Ford Motor Company. Additionally designed and maintained the accompanying website which housed supporting content for the featured spots. The ads received considerable response from listeners as well as the media including: The New York TimesAd AgeAdweek and The Atlantic.

Associate Creative Directors: Colleen Hill & Tara Bossardet / Writer: Kristin Wellmer / Creative Director: Anita Salomon 

#BestFriendDay and #NationalDogDay 

Ford celebrated canines in a big way in 2015. On National Best Friend Day we created a video about rewarding our doggy best friends with something they really love: car rides. Then we teamed up with a local dog trainer to create a video full of tips and hacks for traveling with your dog. Next we invited adoptable and dogs to review the 2016 Ford Fusion. We geo-targeted these pups' reviews within the region they were from to help them find forever homes. We rounded out the day with two fun Buzzfeed lists: If Dog Breeds Were Backseat Drivers and 15 Questions to Ask Your Dog on Your Next Road Trip.

Art Direction: Colleen Hill  / Copy Writer: Jenna Przybycien / Associate Creative Director: Adam Burkett