Sarah & Kerry's Wedding Invites

Wedding invite and cake toppers inspired by gig posters for a music loving couple.


GTB + The Clean Love Project

Ann Arbor Urban Forest

A banner created for the Ann Arbor Urban Forest Project sponsored by the Detroit AIGA. The theme of the Urban Forest Project is environmental sustainability pertaining to the specific geographic location in which the banners are hung.



Logo concept developed for Barack Obama presidential campaign fundraiser at Detroit's Garden Bowl.

Design: Colleen Hill / Creative Direction: Don Button & Doug Shimmin

MRM Posters

Poster created to invite MRM employees to join their team in a philanthropic walk to raise funds for the Detroit zoo.

Designer: Colleen Hill / Copy Writer: Mike Guest


Poster created to promote the launch of an in-house peer teaching program at MRM.

Designer: Colleen Hill / Copy Writer: Travis Taylor


Spelling Change

Letter created for Spelling Change project. Designers were asked to create a letter of the alphabet inspired by the Barack Obama presidential campaign.


Motus Communications

Logo designed for Motus Communications, a full-service business, marketing and brand-building agency that specializes in travel based communications design.

Design: Colleen Hill / Creative Direction: Don Button & Doug Shimmin

WCC Cares T-shirts

T-shirt design created for various philanthropic group activities.

Photo: Traci Dokas