Science in a Snap

As part of Ford's commitment to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education we created a series of tutorial style videos each covering a different scientific topic including chemical reactions, potential & kinetic energy, and magnets. Each topic was also featured in a Facebook canvas targeted to parents and educators during times when they were most active on the social platform and looking for activities to do with their kids (e.g. weekends, spring break). 

Associate Creative Director: Colleen Hill / Copy Writer: Jen Neff / Creative Director: Anita Salomon

You Know You're From

Series of geo-targeted memes created in collaboration with local photographers to show off the stunning design of the Ford Fusion.

Art Direction: Colleen Hill & Nikki Roach  / Copy Writer: Jenna Przybycien / Creative Director: Julio Desir

#BestFriendDay and #NationalDogDay 

Ford celebrated canines in a big way in 2015. On National Best Friend Day we created a video about rewarding our doggy best friends with something they really love: car rides. 

Art Direction: Colleen Hill  / Copy Writer: Jenna Przybycien
Associate Creative Director: Adam Burkett 



For National Dog Day we teamed up with a local dog trainer to create a video full of tips and hacks for traveling with your dog.

Twitter Reviews

Perhaps the best part of the campaign: we invited adoptable and dogs to review the 2016 Ford Fusion. We geo-targeted these pups' reviews within the region they were from to help them find forever homes. 


We rounded out the day with two fun Buzzfeed lists: If Dog Breeds Were Backseat Drivers and 15 Questions to Ask Your Dog on Your Next Road Trip.

Mother's Day Dream Car

Just ahead of Mother's Day, Ford asked kids to describe what features their Mom's dream car might have. With imaginations running wild, the kids relayed their concepts and illustrators brought the fantasy cars to life. 

Art Directors: Colleen Hill & Sarah Bills
Creative Director: Anita Salomon
Photography: Dave Cilibraise

#Mustang? Check. Purple? Check. Bubbles? Double check. Happy #MothersDay! #DreamCar

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An underwater view of the Bahamas for #MothersDay? This kid got it right.

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Would your mom’s #dreamcar be a time machine? With rocket boosters, of course. Happy #MothersDay!

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#RoadToCollege Infographics

Series of Back To School Infographics distributed through social and paid media.

Art Direction: Colleen Hill & Alex Leonard / Copy Writer: Jenna Przybycien / Associate Creative Director: Nick Allen / Creative Director: Anita Salomon

Custom YouTube Pages

Design of the Ford Trucks and Commercial Truck YouTube pages. For the F-150 Built Tough Test campaign we designed a unique way to feature videos in which consumers were challenged to put the all-new aluminum body F-150 to the test. For the Ford Transit, we created a page to house videos directed by Christopher Guest illustrating the various features of the new Transit. 

F-150: Art Director: Colleen Hill / Associate Creative Director: Justin Ivey / Creative Director: Dan Przekop / Copy Writer: Ed Cole

Transit: Art Director: Colleen Hill / Associate Creative Director: Andrew Smith / Creative Director: Paul Kirner / Copy Writer: Ed Cole

U by Kotex Vine videos

Vine Video featuring the U by Kotex Sleek Tampon's No Slip Grip technology and wishing followers a happy Valentine's Day.

Art Direction & Design: Colleen Hill / Copy Writer: Deleano Acevado

WCC Facebook Icons

Icon set created to promote events hosted by the student activities department and posted on the Washtenaw Community College Facebook page. 

Art Direction & Design: Colleen Hill / Creative Direction: Traci Dokas